Mark-Taylor Residential Jobs: Overview

Mark-Taylor, one of Arizona’s largest apartment developers, was founded in 1990 by Jeffrey Mark and Scott Taylor. Combined, they embraced a vision to create the preeminent brand for the apartment business in the Southwest through thoughtful design and stellar management. The company's communities set the standards others wish to achieve through innovative technology, stunning designs, attention to detail, a commitment to quality and a high level of customer service. Mark-Taylor is recognized for building some of America's top rated apartment communities, earning critical acclaim in the industry.



What makes Mark-Taylor so successful?
The Company holds a strong leadership position by continuously refining the industry standards. With keen attention to ethics, innovation, quality and service, Mark-Taylor successfully recruits and retains the best and the brightest talent in the business. The combination of product and people has resulted in dramatic company success.



Employing a team approach, Mark-Taylor has highly skilled asset managers, along with financial services, sales and training, marketing and public relations, and service support professionals to deliver a consistent and successful management approach.

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